pastorHow we began:   
The school started out in 1999 as a small nursery school. The idea was borne from the Evening Bible Club which we used to offer to children in our village every evening. The majority of the children in the club did not go to school mostly for financial constraints. George desired to impart some sort of knowledge into them, if formal education had failed them, he could at least sensitize them about Jesus! So he resolved to invite them at the house each evening, to sing, pray and tell them bible stories. 

As word of our 'Evening Bible Club Time' went around, the number of children grew more and more - for each one would bring a friend along. We had already won the parents' trust in the village and so they let their children come to the bible classes even though several of them came from diverse religious backgrounds. 

During that time, George's long-shelved vision was re-awakened. The vision for holistic education of the child. 

George’s passion was to offer holistic education to the younger generation, to shape the child by educating the whole person, to advocate a Biblical World View and to develop the community where God had placed him. His union to Stella in Holy Matrimony served to compliment his passion even further. Together, they set out to attempt what they thought the Lord was placing upon their hearts, starting a nursery school… 

At that time, there were not many schools in the community at all. The only one that was, was phasing out. The nearest schools were 2-3 kms away. Starting a nursery school in the area would also help to eliminate the accident rate along the highway for the most vulnerable victims, and those were small children daring the highway on foot. 

We continued covering the vision with prayer and believed that if it was really God trying to inspire us, then he would bring it to pass in his good timing - after all, we did not have any resources to begin with. We needed to have appropriate facilities before we could start a class. 

A little earlier on, we had received a financial gift and we were contemplating buying a small plot of land from that gift with a plan to eventually build our own house on it in order to end our house renting woes. Indeed, that was top priority. House renting was becoming a huge thorn in our flesh. Without a regular source of income, it was always dreadful to see the days of the month flying away towards the twenty seventh, twenty eighth etc. 

As we hopefully waited on God for more provision to start building the house, one day as we were praying, an idea came through Stella's mind, "why not use the plot you got, why not set up a structure to serve as a classroom for the kids? When she shared the idea with George, it was like a mighty revelation, as if the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle had fallen in place. We knew exactly that it was a divine whisper. How our hearts leapt with joy! We praised the Lord for the guidance! Yes that's what we would do… put up something for the kids.

But God, how do we begin? 

"Begin with whatever little you've got, with what did Moses begin, and with what did the Saviour feed five thousand?" 

From these scriptural impressions, we learnt that God did not always wait for accumulation of resources to get things going. First, we should step out in obedience to what He has revealed to us and then He in turn would step in to take care of the needful. 

So we got the message: “ YOU STEP OUT, I STEP IN!”

With that confirmation, plus support from relatives and friends, we were able to put up a two wooden classroom block to start the nursery school. The nursery school was started in June, the second term of the year 1999. For the first three days when we opened up the school, nobody came to register their children at the school! We were almost beginning to doubt whether we had heard right. But having put our hands to the plough, there was no other choice but to keep our doors open. On the fourth day, one parent showed up with one kid, by the end of the second week, we had five children, at the end of our first term, we had fourteen children. 

The numbers kept growing steadily each year until we were challenged to extend our boarders. In 2002 we ventured into Primary School, starting with only primary one to primary three. Since then, the Lord has kept expanding us from one level to the other, stretching our faith to believe him every step of the way and teaching us that faith without works is dead faith. The Lord is patiently teaching us to walk and live by faith…(Heb.10:35-39) 

To date, we are a fully fledged elementary school, catering for three year olds (kindergarten) up to twelve year olds. To God be the glory. 

Boarding Section:

A boarding section was opened up in 2005 in response to the parents’ pleas. The section provides a safe haven for the children whose parents work and are away from home for long periods. In this case, the parents prefer to have the children settle in school rather than staying at home on their own while they are away. 

In some cases, parents prefer to have their children board in order to get maximum concentration in school, without the disruptions of endless home chores, challenging family experiences and impromptu family programs. 

Visiting Day: 

A Visiting Day is scheduled once a month for parents to come and visit their children. To check on their well being, academic performance and to meet their teachers. 

Daycare Program: 

A daycare program which mainly serves the nursery children was started in 2006 to help parents in similar circumstances as above. The children are kept at the school till the end of the day then they go back home to meet their parents.